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Heating Services

As I go about the everyday duties of life, I am reminded by all the decorations that are already out, that winter will be upon us soon. I would like to remind you that we offer furnace checkups. Like in summer with your a/c checkups, we don’t want you to wait on furnace checkups and then find out on the first cold day that the furnace has ignited for that last time…. last winter and does not want to ignite again. We will run your furnace and put it through its paces and give it a good looking at. Nice thing, is we can turn on the a/c right after and start cooling you off again.

Heating services offer:

  • New Furnace Installation
  • New Split System Heat Pump Installation
  • Furnace Check-Up Services
  • Furnace Repair

When should I have my furnace serviced?

You can have your furnace serviced any time. If it has been more than a couple of years, it might be time right now. Like air conditioning units, furnaces need love too. These guys are what actually push to air through to keep you cool in the summer as well as keep you warm in the winter. Basically, unlike your a/c, the blower part of your furnace does not get a break.

Please contact us to schedule your furnace checkup.

Heating types:
Furnace vs. Split System Heat Pump (forced air)

There are several types of heating systems out there. The most common in Southern California are Gas/Propane forced are furnace and Split system heat pumps, which is also forced air.


How do Furnaces work? When your thermostat calls for heat, the igniter will heat up. Once it is hot enough, that gas valve in your furnace will open to allow the gas to blow across the ignitor which will ignite the gas. The flame will then blow into, what his called a heat exchanger which will get hot to the point to where the blower will turn on and blow air across the heat exchanger and into your home. Now you have a warm and cozy home.

Split System Heat Pumps:

How do heat pumps work? Well technical answer is too long for this section, but the short answer is; the condenser (actually called heat pump) runs in reverse to create heat. This is the simple answer. Heat pumps run solely on electricity. As with any system, there are pros and cons which we would need to discuss before making that choice.

With solar becoming more popular due to the rising costs of electricity, which is only going to go higher by next summer, I have been asked to switch out customers gas/propane furnaces to heat pump systems. I will say that the systems that we have switched, the customers have expressed great appreciation.

Carbon Monoxide Safety:

We would also like to remind you to be sure your family is protected with carbon monoxide sensors in your home. If your home has fossil burning appliances, such as a gas furnace, stove, fireplace, dryer, etc., we suggest a good carbon monoxide sensor near your sleeping areas. Appliances are mechanical, and can break which can allow carbon monoxide to creep inside your home. Furnaces have a heat exchanger, and though they’re tough, they can still crack. Let’s keep you and your family protected.

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