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Air Conditioning Repair Temecula

Need air conditioning repair Temecula? At Shield Mechanical, you are “Covered by the Shield”. With summer in full swing, the last thing we need is a broken air conditioner. Average Temecula temperatures are in the 90’s and 100’s during the summer months. When your A/C breaks and you find yourself sweating on the couch, shaking your fist, you’ll need an air conditioning repair company that’ll responded quickly. Along with great service and integrity learned from grandma, Shield Mechanical provides the value you deserve.  At Shield Mechanical, our trucks are stocked with the most common parts that go wrong on your HVAC system and we’re ready to attack your air conditioning repair problem on short notice and get you back in the cool zone.

Highly Trained Technicians

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, most problems are due to poor installation, lacking service, and inadequate maintenance. A central air conditioner installed incorrectly can lead to leaky ducts and low air flow. In addition, they’ve found that in many cases the “refrigerant charge did not match the manufacturer’s specifications which leads to a poor performing air conditioner.” At Shield Mechanical, we hold ourselves to the highest industry standards. With more than 32 years in the industry, we will do what is right.   

Best Value On All Air Conditioner Repairs Temecula

All manufacturers have built their brand of air conditioners to last. In most cases, an older air conditioner only needs to be repaired and not replaced. It’s not unusual to have minor repairs of fuses, circuit breakers or bad capacitor. These are all minor air conditioning repairs. Don’t get pressured into a new system.  We will give you suggestions, and options.  We won’t use scare tactics to make you think your situation is urgent. We go out of our way to bring out the best value on all repairs and service. We don’t want to be known as the biggest, just the most honest.

You Can Save BIG Over Time

In those rare cases where your air conditioner requires replacing or upgrading, there’s something you’ll need to keep in mind. Air conditioners built today use 30% to 50% less energy than those made in the 1970’s. What’s even more astonishing is that in some cases, today’s air conditioners are 20% to 40% more energy efficient than those built ten years ago. When purchasing, consider the proper air conditioner size, and also efficiency. Higher efficiency will save you money. I have seen a few pay for their new A/C system with the savings from their summer electric bill. Proper sizing is critical. Bigger isn’t always better.

Purchase With Knowledge of SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating

When purchasing an air conditioner, consider the SEER rating. The minimum SEER sold today is 14 SEER and as high as 26 SEER.  While 14 SEER is about 40% more efficient systems of just 15 years ago, a higher SEER system does a couple of things. First it will reduce greenhouse gases by lowering the need for energy at your home, and second a higher SEER system will save your hard-earned money on your electric bill. You can use that money to get ice cream on those hot days.

Are you in need of an air conditioning repair or replacement Temecula? At Shield Mechanical, we walk you through the process from start to finish, always educating our customers along the way.

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