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About Us

Shield Mechanical was founded on honesty and integrity learned from grandma. Our mission is to bring that value into every home and business we enter into. We strive to treat our customers like our friends and family, always putting you first. “You are Covered by the Shield” is more than a slogan, it’s our mission!

Shield Mechanical is a local family owned company. We still have the old school belief in keeping the word “serve” in service. Today it seems so many businesses see people as walking dollar signs. Some have lost touch with the fact that the customer is most important, and our goal is to make you feel that way.

We also believe in supporting groups such as Relationship Lifeline, Younglife for kids, and Power Ministry. These programs help restore marriages and relationships, support Teens and help to build houses, dining halls, and other building for those in need. My wife and I have a heart for helping others, and we feel this is what drives us to serve you.

With 3 kids and 2 grandchildren it’s important to know when to laugh and joke, but also know when it’s time to get serious and get things done. We prioritize with the family before business. Yes, sometimes we might miss a business opportunity, but that isn’t going to be what our family remembers us for. It will be the moments and memories we make, the smiles, laughter and love.

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Rob Gutierrez

Rob was born and raised in Michigan.  He moved to California when he was 15. He was brought up with that mid-western hospitality, everyone is a friend and there’s always room for 1 more. He has always had a heart for serving people, which is why he spent 8 years in the restaurant business.

While working at the family deli part time, and a local restaurant at night, he  began an HVAC career.  He loved the restaurant hospitality industry and he found a way to carry that same hospitality into his HVAC career.  Spending many years in residential and industrial HVAC, he has a well balanced portfolio that he brings to Shield Mechanical.  He has worked on many military bases and traveled abroad to work on them.

Fast forward almost 33 years, he and his wife are now the proud owners of Shield Mechanical, where “You Are Covered By The Shield”.

Melissa Gutierrez
Vice President

Melissa is a California native. Raised with the values that family and friends are most important and that strangers are only friends you haven’t met yet. She has always had a heart for the lost and broken, with a heart for serving and helping those around her, she also enjoys working in church Women’s ministry.

Melissa also loves interior design and decorating. She has helped many people make over their homes through their vision and desires. She loves the challenge of each project and seeing people’s houses become homes. She has recently become a Real Estate Agent, to help people find their homes to build their lives in.

With a heart to serve and help people, she decided it was time to support her husband and join the Shield Mechanical Team. Melissa brings heart and passion to Shield Mechanical by utilizing the same values that your family is just friends we haven’t met yet.